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Darling Farms
"What can we pick for you?"
Welcome to Darling Farms
     The Darling family is committed to offering the most local and the freshest produce in the area.

     Darling Farms started as a small dream with “Doc” and Gregg Darling. One
was trying to supplement his retirement and the other was loosing his job
in the corporate world. The whole thing started with growing some basic,
everyday vegetables, and then moved from there to propagating plants that
we could sell and potentially move to larger containers. Then one day
Gregg got an idea of growing Christmas trees and eventually selling them
as fresh cut trees for the holidays. One thing led to another and a
produce stand was born, a shelter was purchased and then the plants
started to grow, and they found a local supplier to buy from to supplement
their growing, and before you know it, a store was born.
The future is dependent on how the sales go from this point. Our goal is
to have a 9000 square foot store that offers local goods, and eventually
add a garden center that offers a wide verity of plants, soils,
containers, and irrigation parts.

Open 7 days a week!!
12 pm - 5 pm

Darling Farms ®  7000 Petaluma Hill Road, Penngrove, CA  94951